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The company is marching ahead under the stewardship of its Managing Director Mr.Vijaya Kumar, who has ceaselessly worked for its overall growth with a visionary zeal infusing dynamism among its team of dedicated employees.With his vast experience in the field by virtue of his long stint of 15 years as Marketing Manager with the National Aluminium Co., Ltd., India, Mr.Vijaya Kumar is an immense source of inspiration for the committed team of the company in its pursuit of excellence and high standards in the trade. His foreign exposure and contacts with some of the leading manufacturers has helped the company to add value to its services to its clients/customers. The company maintains a good rapport with various manufacturers and leading exporters in India


A part from its exporting and domestic trading activities, the BOB Trading Private Limited has been largely successful in arranging bulk supplies of Iron ore fines to leading trading companies in China. The company has also met with a great deal of success in marketing Steel Shots & Steel grits in India.


Bob Shipping Agencies is working as Steamer Agent at Visakhapatnam Port for M/s Trafigura Switzerland, M/s China Minmetals, China, M/s Visa Comtrade, Switzerland, M/s Ashapura, India for their shipments of Calcined Alumina in bulk from Visakhapatnam Port.ina in bulk from Visakhapatnam Port.


  1. Ministry of Commerce, Office of Jt.Director General of Foreign Trade, Visakhapatnam: IEC Number  2603000641,
    dated 24.07.2004
  2. Engineering export Promotion council, Chennai: Registration Number EPC/REG/CEN/MER/434/2003-2004
    dated 23/02/2004.
  3. Coir Board, Polachi: Registration Number – F.235
  4. Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Bob Trading is a stickler for quality, prompt delivery and trading at competitive prices.  As such, the company is focusing on increasing the volume of trading by foraying into bulk export of Iron ore fines, Calcined Alumina, Mill Scale and other minerals across the globe.  The company’s middle and higher level teams, with their sublime levels of competence, are straining their every nerve, to live up to the company’s expectations without ever compromising with the high standards it has already set in the trade.  The entire team is raring to do all that is required for customer satisfaction in their zeal to catapult the company to the number one position.

Our Exports Report Report Analysis
Horizontal bars chart

2003-04 - USD 70007.74

2004-05 - USD 493893

2005-06 - USD 349932

2006-07 - USD 1284075

2007-08 - USD 1343533

2008-09 - USD 1462104

2009-10 - USD 1600025

2010-11 - USD 1700000

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